Wool Art Works

Besides knitting and spinning, I have reacquainted myself with the first fiber art that I discovered, which is Embroidery. I remember working on my first project, which were tea towels. I was amazed one could draw with thread and a needle. Well fast forward just a few years….ok many years later and I am applying this wonderful artwork to dyed felt. You see, as a dyer of roving, lots and lots of roving for my yarn shop customers, I have collected many bits of lovely dyed roving. I decided to put it to good use and make felt using the wet-felt method. This felt makes a lovely background for embroidery. So I have created a collection of small frame purses, lined cuffs, pendants, pins and earrings that I hand embroidered, free form-that is without a pattern. Most designs occur to me as I thread my needle with colorful embroidery thread. Much inspiration is from my garden. And for added fun, most designs incorporate beads. So enjoy this collection, and most can be purchased in the farm store.

2012-12-31 13.51.27 2012-12-31 13.35.06 IMG_20130507_164455 IMG_20130507_180506 IMG_20130507_180012 IMG_20130507_175425 IMG_20130507_172446 IMG_20130507_170946 IMG_20130507_165804 2012-12-31 13.30.58 2012-12-31 13.55.20 IMG_20130507_171937

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