The 1910 Socks story

During most of history, clothing took a long time to make, was made one piece at a time, most often within the household and it was made to last, was cherished and mended when it needed repair. Today, do you find that your clothes wear out quickly? How long do your socks last? Does it seem we throw away more and more clothing each year?  It is often made not with natural fibers, but with man made fibers that do not hold up well, do not breath.

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In that spirit, 1910 Socks are born. The materials:  our farm grown Shetland Wool that has not been chemically treated to be machine washable, so it is hand wash only, but comfortable and breathable. It is blended with a bit of nylon for strength. And many pair are knitted with a cobweb lycra stranded along with the yarn to help the socks elasticity and to hold shape and extend its life.

Artisan Techniques: Stripes!! Pairing 2 colors in an eye pleasing striped pattern. So many combinations..let us design a pair for you!

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Fair Isle. Shetland Sheep are the only breed to inspire its own technique. It is a method of stranding 2 different colors in a row to create designs. Not easy to do on a these antique sock machines, but we do and have fun adding Fair Isle details to the cuffs of our socks. A bit time consuming to do, but so worth it.

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The socks are knitted one at a time on a 100 year old Legare sock machine… in my studio in our farm house built in..1910.  And we include extra yarn with each pair for darning, to extend the life of your sturdy socks. It is a very rare thing today that the fiber is grown and then clothing manufactured from it, all in the same place.  Treat your Feet to quality wool socks…purchase a pair at one of the festivals we attend, or in the Farm Store.


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