The 1910 Socks story

IMG_20151201_195224Today, clothing is mostly made overseas and when it wears out (which is  often quickly), we throw it away and buy more. But in the past, clothing was made locally and it was made to last.  When it did need mending, we mended it and kept our clothing for long periods.

Hand dyed washable BFL wool and bamboo socks.

In that spirit, 1910 Socks are born. The materials are either washable wool blends that are hand dyed..or our farm grown Shetland Wool that has not been chemically treated to be machine washable, so it is hand wash only.


Shetland Socks in natural colors

Shetland Socks in natural colors

The socks are knitted one at a time on a 100 year old Legare sock machine… in my studio in our farm house built in..1910.  And we include extra yarn with each pair for darning, to extend the life of your sturdy socks.It is a very rare thing that the fiber is grown and then clothing manufactured from it, all happens in the same place.  Treat your Feet to quality wool socks…purchase a pair at one of the festivals we attend, or in the Farm Store.    And coming soon..1910 Scarve

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