Order your Custom 1910 Shetland Socks Here!

Custom order your own 1910 Shetland Wool socks.

Imagine your feet caressed by simply processed wool that breaths and in colors of your choice. They are knitted on the farm where that wool is lovingly grown. And they are beautiful and they are durable.

Step 1: Decide if you want stripes, a fair isle cuff detail or a single color.

Step 2: Decide your favorite main color and secondary color.

Step 3: If you want the fair isle detail, choose the design, or let us choose for you.

Step 4. Order and communicate shoe size and gender.Allow 2-3 week for the shepherd to create your unique socks…depending on the season. (Christmas is very busy.)



Shetland Wool developed naturally on the small islands off the coast of Scotland. The wool is highly suited for socks because it is a rare mix of the softest silky wool and a bit of guard hair for added strength not found in man developed breeds. The garments knitted with this divinely inspired wool softens with use and is very long lasting, resists pilling and comes in many natural colors.


During this post industrial period, it is a rare thing for the fiber and the manufacturing of the clothing article to happen all in one place. One of the goals of this farm is to produce sustainable clothing in the traditions when clothing was not the industrial throw away kind; when clothing was well made by hand with natural fibers, and cherished and mended instead of thrown away. With each pair of socks, I include extra yarn for darning purposes.