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Mystery KAL Summer 2019

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Today is the first day of summer, and many knitters will often put their needles down in favor of more summery activities. I have a different idea. Why not turn your knitting to smaller less time consuming projects and celebrate a summer theme. So in that vein, I offer you to follow along with a mystery knit along cap with a garden theme. We will explore Fair Isle knitting, a traditional technique associated with Shetland sheep’s wool and yarn. I will post directions and charts for each step. Once a week, on Fridays, I will add another step. The fun part is that we can share our questions and tips and updates on how the project is going.. on the Sweet Tree Hill Farm Facebook page. And for all who comment on the 1st KAL post on the Facebook page, they will be entered to win a kit, including Hilltop Shetland yarn and printed pattern, to make the Mystery KAL Summer 2019. The sheep (who grew the yarn) and I will announce the winner LIVE, from Sweet Tree Hill Farm on Friday July 12th. So comment and share with your friends so they can get in on it!

Ok..let’s get started. So to get you thinking Summer and Garden…here are some inspiration pics from our gardens. These colors and insects inspired the hat you are about to knit.

The garden has many interconnected members, the flowers and vegetables with bright colors. These colors attract needed partners to aid them in their purpose…to be pollinated for procreation. And to create…to make..that is what knitters do. So in this hat…we will be celebrating the colors of the garden, but mostly, the makers. The insects that keep the garden humming (hehehe).

The yarn needed is fingering weight Shetland wool. There are 5 colors in this hat. The colors I have chosen for the example are my choices, but several color combos will work. I selected 2 possibilities from the color choices available in the Sweet Tree Hill Farm Store. The five 200 yard skeins are enough to make 2 hats, or a hat and a matching cowl.

Black, Rosehips, Butternut, Northern Lights, Fawn.
Silver Streak, Fairy Dust, Cancun, Prairie, White

So we will use the 1st group for our hat example. And needles needed are #3 16 inch circular and later, #3 double pointed. The gauge is about 9 sts to the inch unblocked. For reading the charts:

Yarn A = Black Yarn B = Rosehips Yarn C = Butternut Yarn D = NorthernLights Yarn E = Fawn

Here is the first chart for the brim of the hat:

This is a knit 2, purl 2 rib stitch pattern. Begin with Yarn A and cast on 140 stitches onto the circular needles. Join, being careful not to twist. Beginning the chart with Row 1 reading from right to left working the 4 stitch repeat 35 rimes across the round. Continue working Chart A changing colors as indicated until round 12 in completed.

The back side of the work.

As you can see, only 2 different colors are worked in any given row. I usually choose 1 yarn I hold to the right and flop over the needle and the other hangs to the left. Now ideally, one yarn is worked with the left hand continental style and the other worked with the right hand. But I have not mastered continental and work both yarns with the right hand. I just keep yarn organized in the back this way so my hand can find each yarn. This also helps to avoid twisting.

So this completes the first step of your hat. Next week we will continue our garden themed hat. Check back next Friday!

And don’t forget to leave your comments and questions on this KAL announcement on our Facebook page to enter to win the hat kit in the colorway of your choice!

Welcome to the Farm

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  Hilltop Shetland Yarn  1910 Socks 

Welcome to Sweet Tree Hill Farm! Founded in 2007 in Central Virginia

Home to Hilltop Shetland Yarn, 1910 Socks, Landscapes Dye, and about 40 Shetland Sheep, 7 Angora rabbits, 45 chickens all on our 20 acre farm. Our specialty is simply processed fingering weight yarn, in 8 natural colors and 10 plus dyed colors for stranded Fair Isle, lace and sock knitting. We are writing patterns and all are available in our Farm Store, at the 3 Festivals we attend and now in your local yarn shop.

IMG_20171003_112346_721 (1) IMG_20170923_101011

IMG_20170903_161752  20180412_082909 

100 gr dye horz promo

Sweet Tree Hill Farm is located in the hills of Central Virginia, in Cumberland County. We arrived Christmas, 2007 and have been working hard to renovate this 100 year old property of 20 acres with many old pecan, walnut and pear trees, hence the name of the farm. The old house is a bungalow style farm house which overlooks an 8 acre 20 foot deep pond.

The Farm House



The pastures were over grazed and was littered with bits of an old chicken barn that had burned down. But over the course of a few years, we have made many repairs, added our cashmere goats and later began raising registered Shetland Sheep and angora rabbits for the wool.  And built a barn shaped dye studio.
Our mission is to provide you with American raised Shetland yarn, with unique original patterns, artisan quality clothing such as socks made on the farm where the wool is grown.

Our line clothing created on the farm, our 1910 Socks. We have several knitted up, but you can custom order them as well:

See our order form and order your custom 1910 Shetland Socks.


So join us on our journey as my family and I shepherd these beautiful sheep, and plant our garden, gather eggs from our chickens and bring our wool products to market. Visit our farm store and my blog, WoolFarmGal, as this middle-aged shepherd lives her woolly dream!


IMG_20160229_125041   IMG_20160123_160446

Missy, a moorit ewe

        Gwyneth and her lambs